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2015 Achievements, 2016 Intentions

UncategorizedJanuary 15, 2016 • 3~5 min read • 0

During the first half of January, I read more than one article about writing down accomplishments of 2015 before planning out intentions for The New Year. So I grabbed a pencil and a post-it note, figuring that I wouldn’t need much writing space. 2015 wasn’t an eventful year, and I hadn’t made progress on any […]

Making things, and making things happen

UncategorizedJanuary 4, 2016 • 1~2 min read • 0

It’s an exciting time to be working in a creative industry. The daily life of a graphic designer would be unrecognizable to the girl I was 25 years ago, starting my career with a summer job at a print shop. I could view the digitalization and tech-heavy aspects of current-day design work as overwhelming or […]

Wise words, rediscovered

UncategorizedOctober 23, 2015 • 1~2 min read • 0

“Can’t be passive and be in charge. Can’t expect to be given control unless demonstrating obvious ability to control. Have people on “both sides” trust and communicate with you on any project/issue. Court decision makers.” • • • • I was looking through advertising ideas I’d stowed in a folder over the past 3 years […]

The Strategy of Threes

UncategorizedSeptember 10, 2015 • 1~2 min read • 0

Today I was reading about the value of having “go-to” combos for creating structure in design work. “Your ‘go-to’ combos are there to give you confidence. They have enough structure to be repeatable, but they aren’t so restrictive that your design ends up looking like everyone else’s.” – David Kadavy, author of Design for Hackers […]

The AdvencherUs Code: words to live by

UncategorizedSeptember 2, 2015 • < 1 min read • 0

1. Adventure and memorable experiences are found in everyday life: the extraordinary is all around us. 2. We live boldly when we are aware of our fears and inhibitions, yet persevere to achieve goals despite these trepidations. 3. Find the things you can be excellent at and passionate about. Aim to become the best version […]

The Artist Persona

UncategorizedAugust 5, 2015 • 2~3 min read • 0

How do others see us? Do friends, family or co-workers perceive the complexities of our personalities, values and interests? What conclusions do you tend to draw when meeting someone new? Our personal experiences and approach to life tend to influence our impressions, whether we are aware of it or not. Many people learn to be […]


UncategorizedJune 11, 2015 • 1~2 min read • 0

There was a great post on Twitter the other day from Tim Brown. “3 decades of a designer: ‘Holy shit, I don’t know what I’m doing’ ‘I am a golden god’ & ‘Hey let me see how I can help you guys out.’ @monteiro” The humor and truth of this statement delighted me. I’d already […]

A need for balance in Advertising Design

UncategorizedMay 19, 2015 • 2~2 min read • 1

This morning I was reading a great newsletter post on icon design by Kyle Adams, How to Make Cohesive Icon Sets, in which he mentions the need to communicate individual messages clearly while establishing some conformity between related images. “Don’t sacrifice clarity for cohesion.” – Kyle Adams I immediately saw a parellel to my own […]


UncategorizedMarch 5, 2015 • 2~3 min read • 0

We all have ideas about what changes we’d like to see in our life, and in many instances we have at least a vague plan on how to help these events to happen. We can set it down on screen or paper, for everything we want to accomplish: weekend chores, getting a novel published, researching […]

Being an Introverted Leader in the Workplace

UncategorizedFebruary 27, 2015 • 6~10 min read • 1

The Introverted Personality A definition from “Introvert comes from Latin intro-, “inward,” and vertere, “turning.” It describes a person who tends to turn inward mentally. Introverts sometimes avoid large groups of people, feeling more energized by time alone. The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert, who finds energy in interactions with others.” The […]