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Five Minutes, revisited

Reading through old journal entries to see if any might be appropriate to include in this blog, I found “Five Minutes,” which describes a harried workday morning in 2004. I was struck by the differences between the circumstances of my life then and now, and realized how much I take for granted these days.

Such as having a job I don’t hate, where I’m regarded as an experienced design professional. A schedule that allows me to get a decent amount of sleep, and no longer being dependent on caffeine. A car that I enjoy driving and can count on to get me to work. Owning a cell phone, and having convenient access to many desktop and portable systems, including my tablet computer. Most of all, I’m realizing that I now have an income which makes scrounging for change or worrying about bounced checks a memory of the distant past.

And then I had the idea for a project: I’ll get out of bed five minutes early each morning for five workdays. After getting ready, I’ll sit back and write down some thoughts on my life, career, achievements and goals.

October 4, 2012 will be the first entry in the series.

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