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There was a great post on Twitter the other day from Tim Brown.

“3 decades of a designer: ‘Holy shit, I don’t know what I’m doing’ ‘I am a golden god’ & ‘Hey let me see how I can help you guys out.’ @monteiro”

The humor and truth of this statement delighted me.

I’d already been thinking about the variety of ways I help out at my day job, and had mentioned to other creative types online that I wanted to share the templates, tutorials, tips, and other possibly useful stuff I’ve collected over the years of my design career.

I like the idea of using my blog-space to provide value. While some may empathize with the workplace struggles I write about, there’s probably more interest in “takeaways” of the tangible sort.

So I’m putting together some links and downloadable materials, and have started posting them to my Resources section.

Once my employment situation is more settled, and I get a grasp of how much free time I’ll have for side projects, it would also be fun to make my own tutorials. Eventually.

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