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Making things, and making things happen

It’s an exciting time to be working in a creative industry.

The daily life of a graphic designer would be unrecognizable to the girl I was 25 years ago, starting my career with a summer job at a print shop. I could view the digitalization and tech-heavy aspects of current-day design work as overwhelming or daunting, but instead I look back with pride at how I dove headfirst into learning Photoshop, then QuarkXpress, then InDesign, then Dreamweaver and so much more… what a journey it’s been.

In fact, with all the tools now at our disposal, all the possibilities of who we can reach with what we create, and how easy it is to communicate with other creative individuals around the globe: who wouldn’t be excited?

I’m still figuring out what to focus on for the beginning of 2016. I’ve got the energy and the resources to make great things happen, both at my day job in graphic design and marketing, and with writing/photography/painting/gardening side projects.

What a wide world it is, and how fortunate I am to adventure down this path of continual discovery and creation.

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