My essays on having values as a designer, and on what has value in design work, are available here to download in PDF form:
Value Essays

Here’s my Pinterest board of Marketing and Design Resources, mostly a collection of relevant books. I haven’t read all of these, but am hoping to do so eventually.
Pinterest Resources

For anyone who gets stuck in unproductive meetings, and would like to encourage a more professional, respectful approach:
Meeting Guidelines

A guide I wrote in 2009, about pixels, file resolution, and more.
Understanding Digital Imaging

One aspect of my dayjob is to build online advertising. Pandora banner ads are very popular right now. They provide useful templates:
Pandora Web and Mobile Templates

Had fun with this tutorial last year. While I know many Photoshop techniques, it’s interesting to try different approaches that others have found for building files or creating certain effects.
Create a Time Machine-Like Icon in Photoshop

Often design projects call for an eye-catching image that doesn’t look like a staged stock photo. Similar to the old StockXchng site, this one has a variety of Free Images, many without usage restrictions. And you can upload your own photos for others to use!

In addition to the resources above, there’s lots of informative and useful stuff to be found by exploring my “Worth a Visit” collection of links.

June 15, 2015 • 10:00 am

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