Cat Corner




A.K.A. Meatball, Chainsaw (for loud purring), Big Orange, Toyger, Pumpkin Butt, King Kitteh

JuliusJulius in a sunbeam

Julius PawsHe was cleaning his paws,
but fell asleep.

Julius tentHe thinks we have set this up on the
lawn as a little house for him.

julius faucetHe loves to drink out of faucets.
And out of glasses, but not bowls.

julius tableKnocking toys off coffeetable
'cause I won't give him a 2nd dinner.

julius windowI want to go outside, but it's raining.
(Only a low-res version for this one)

Julius playingJulius playing

Julius in sinkIn the sink

Julius napsHaving good dreams