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Food for thought and guilty pleasures.

The events of daily life and daydreams can occupy my brain nonstop... but sometimes I want to add a soundtrack. And at a point in every day I want to wrap my thoughts around what others have to say, or get lost in an account of someone else’s adventures for a while.



"Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid." – 2manyDJs

I enjoy listening to classic rock, modern/alternative rock, heavy metal, hip-hop, electronic/techno/dance, Celtic, folk and Americana, classic and Latin jazz, and pop from the 60s to current day. I’ve listed the tracks and artists in my favorite playlists here. If anyone wants to re-create these, most of the songs are available to download at I-Tunes.



At Work: Modern Rock, and Nostalgia

Barbecue Time: Reggae Dance, and Bounce

Dance: Trancespired, and Chrome Attic

Weekend: Upbeat, and Pop Girls


Waking up Slowly: Gray Morning, and Saturday Morning

Pure Rock: Guitar Rock Classics, and Rock n' Roll Survives

Hard and Gritty: Metalliferous Rock

Alternative: Fur



Other people’s words often say it better than I can. So here’s a collection of quotations from various sources. Inspiring, funny, thoughtful, or just bizarre. Most recently-discovered stuff at the top of the page. »»»



Always have my head buried in a book.

& Eye Candy

I don't watch TV much, but do like to get absorbed in a good movie. I'm mostly into comedies, wildlife documentaries, historical fiction/costume dramas, and anything with car chases and explosions.

My lists of great (or at least enjoyable) books and movies:


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