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About OmnivoreUs

I love food and wine, though I'm not really a gourmet, a foodie, or a great cook. I suppose what stands out about my culinary adventures is the willingness to try just about anything.

My joy in consuming delicious things constantly competes with the desire to eat sparingly and be slender. Recent efforts towards healthier meal choices have resulted in working more vegetables and whole grains into my highly carnivorous diet.

So here are some fun recipes; some health-conscious, some decadent. I might put restaurant reviews here also at some point.



BLT Appetizer

Apple Cobbler

Stir Fry Vegetables with Chicken and Rice

Sautéed Portabellas

Green Flash Cocktail

Vegetable and Cheese Oven Omelet

Chocolate Rum Cake

Buttery Lemon Cookies


California Steak Salad

Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Tiki Shrimp Skewers

Easy Classic Tacos

Fresh Garden Tomato and Hot Pepper Salsa

Blackberry Parfait Tiramisu

Savory Lemon Sauce