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The first essay I wrote was in 5th grade, we did State Reports and I was assigned to research the state of Hawaii. I’d been writing short stories for class for years, and sometimes for fun, but composing my first real essay made me feel quite grown up. I had no idea back then that I’d actually visit Hawaii someday. Just getting out of Nevada and seeing California was as far as my daydreams took me for many years. It’s a neat coincidence that the first new material I’ve written for my first website is “Exploring Hawaii’s Big Island.” (Linked to the Grreat Outdoors section from the AdvencherUs main page.)

What I’ve found and posted in this Essay section so far are college papers and a few musings on topics that I’ve been interested in over the years.


Commercial Art




The Mastery of Rembrandt

Orange and Gold

Communications In Marketing