About this website

As a professional graphic designer, much of the artwork I create is guided by the goals of the company or clients I'm working for, their brand standards, and the project specifications.

But I wanted a public place where my personal design aesthetic could be expressed, without tailoring the look or content towards the expectations and needs of a brand or client. So I built this website to experiment with layouts, images and colors and create something unique. Here I can share the words and images of my experiences, or from my imagination, with the world.

With the name AdvencherUs, the “Us” represents all of us “armchair adventurers” getting out and living the good life. I love magazines such as Coastal Living, Cruising World, Outside, and Food & Wine. Reading about sailing on the Caribbean, backpacking across Europe, or fine dining in New York at the restaurant of a famous chef can be very entertaining. But adventure and memorable experiences (just sometimes on a smaller scale) are found in everyday life: the extraordinary is all around us.

The deliberate mis-spelling of adventurous is inspired by the LOL-cat “language” on I Can Haz Cheezburger. It's also a reference to the years I've spent as a proofreader, and to the spelling bees I was pressured to win as a child. Words are much more fun when you bend the rules.