The main purpose of this blog is to have a public space for sharing my ideas on design, integrity, self-reliance, professionalism, and the value of the creative and rational mind.

So far it’s a collection of essays related to my career as a print media designer, copywriter and marketing coordinator, combined with a few journal-style posts on life in general.

Eventually I might share some of my artwork here. Meanwhile, a sample can be found at behance.net/andrea_holtz.

The deliberate mis-spelling of adventurous was inspired by the LOL-cat “language” on I can has cheezburger. It’s also a reference to the years I’ve spent as a proofreader, and to the spelling bees I was pressured to win as a child. Words are much more of an adventure when you can bend the rules.



September 18, 2012 • 10:21 pm

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