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A New Year. 01/06/12

In the past, I would become disinterested in keeping up with posting in a blog/journal because I’d come to see it as a chore, rather than recreational.

There’d be some big thing, like an epic vacation or a new job, and I’d think, “I need to record this in my journal” since I viewed the blogging process, back then, as a chronicle of the highlights of my days, as well as a place to express thoughts and frustrations.

And something that I “should” do, which takes a bit of effort and time, becomes a chore, which can then be put off until later, and later... until it’s decided to be too much effort and not enough reward to continue.

I’ve decided that this current blog will be more open-ended, and if months-long gaps appear between entries, so be it. This is not to be a chronological story of my life, and I won’t pressure myself to write when I ‘m not in the mood.

That said, for anyone who cares to read the archive of 2006 and earlier:

I started working at my current job in March of 2007, and it does not suck. Even better opportunities lie ahead.
My current household: the love of my life, Steve (Stephen), our cat Julius, bearded dragon lizard Han-Ru.
Karl now lives next door, with cats Arragon and Portia.
I have a working car, Steve has a vehicle to drive as well.
We have home computers that run decently and we both have cell phones.
The boat is still afloat, and I have grown to be quite fond of it.
Many individuals from the groups of friends of 6 years ago are still around... others I’ve lost touch with, yet there are new people in my life to get to know better.

So here’s to a year of continuing on a course of adventure, learning new stuff, and making a good life even better.



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