Blogging and Other Connections

2006 was the last time I regularly kept a journal/diary/blog, and the majority of posts in this section of my site were transferred from an old LiveJournal account. More rarely these days do I wish to set my thoughts down in writing, and possibly share them with others.

I tend to post short random thoughts to the world at large on Twitter.

Online interaction with old friends and my brother occurs on Facebook.

I might decide to share longer introspective stuff and accounts of daily life in the blog below, but currently it's abandoned in favor of AdvencherUs Design, a Wordpress site started in in 2012 to focus my online journaling on graphic design, creativity and professionalism.



Things that go fast. 05/27/12

My brain is singing to itself. 03/28/12

Weird Day. 03/22/12

A New Year. 01/06/12






(The following entries, and page 2 are an archive copied from the LiveJournal and Diaryland accounts I had from 2002-06.)

Checking back in, after 2 years. 05/28/08

Just Me. 11/20/06

To be less ignorant. 10/02/06

Burrrghhhpppptttthuuurgh. 07/09/06

Quirks. 03/14/06

Plans. 01/23/06

Advice to Self. 10/21/05

Photoshop. 09/13/05

Last Day! 07/05/05

Chips. 06/14/05

Recovering from a dreary winter. 05/17/05

Randomly. 05/09/05

Thursday watch the walls instead. 05/05/05

Longing. 04/29/05

Ordinary Life. 04/25/05

Social Life. 04/22/05

Typing to warm up the fingers. 04/21/05

Happy 4-20 to everybody. 04/20/05

Smile like you mean it. 03/29/05

Reality. 03/28/05

Contemplating Livejournal. 03/27/05

Duck! 03/24/05

Anniversary. 03/18/05

Habits. 03/14/05

Where has my Gunne Sax dress got to? 03/12/05

Rum ration. 03/10/05

You won't bring me down. 02/28/05

Bravery. 02/23/05

Dinner. 02/22/05

Sailing! 02/17/05

Friday in Zombieland. 02/11/05

Roses. 02/09/05

Keeping in touch. 02/03/05

I wish I could go home and sleep. 01/28/05

Fruity sludge. 01/27/05

Complacency. 01/26/05

Lioness. 01/26/05

Foggy. 01/25/05

Determination. 01/24/05

Contradictions. 01/12/05

Results. 01/11/05

End of year. 12/23/04

Christmas is coming already again. 12/22/04

Musings. 12/08/04

Brrr. 12/07/04

Waiting for work again. 12/06/04

Sleep. 12/05/04

Moms. 12/02/04

Peace and warmth. 11/30/04

Pie. 11/20/04

Getting it all done. 11/03/04

The day after Halloween. 11/01/04

Composure. 10/20/04

Mewsings on a slow day. 10/06/04

Busy. And not. 09/24/04

A comfortable existence. 09/17/04

Eating, and not. 09/08/04

Salary Review. 09/03/04

Hotness. 08/26/04

Anticipation. 08/17/04

Beer and Darts. 08/13/04

Goddess Cocktail. 08/12/04

Five minutes. 08/11/04

High heels. 08/05/04

Pie. 08/04/04

An expression of weariness. 07/15/04

The Great Job Hunt resumed once more. 07/14/04

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. 07/13/04

Zooma Zooma. 06/03/04

The facade. 05/26/04

Free breakfast. 05/21/04

Purple. 05/19/04

Otter cam. 05/18/04

The taste of things. 05/07/04

It is so very morning in here. 04/29/04

A working path. 04/27/04

A new leopard template. 04/26/04

The dance party scene. 04/20/04

Too much food. 04/13/04

Up on the rooftop. 03/31/04


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