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Plans. 01/23/06

1. I went for a long, hard walk this lunch hour. And ate far less than usual on Saturday and Sunday.
Will this longed-for willpower fade away in a few days? How can I encourage/force myself to keep up the good habits? Hmm. Will lack of immediate results send me back into the state of halfhearted attempts and “4 pounds lost/5 pounds gained” cycle of the past year or so… (Gods, I think it’s been two years now)?
Well, hell. Today at least I was motivated. Plan to avoid dinner if possible, and go for a walk again tomorrow, maybe to the QuikStop to get a gigantic Diet Coke for only $1.25. Whee.

2. Out of the 8 women I work with, have problems with only one of them. Should be counting my blessings, I suppose, but there are times that she pisses me off so much I want to find another job.
Got to come up with ways to make her treat me and the others with respect. Going to our manager with the problem hasn’t helped so far, the manager gave her a “talking to” apparently about the way she treats people, but I’m still getting condescending, rude e-mails and bossy, micromanaging attitude from this girl. Fuck.
Only plan I have so far is to communicate with my superiors more, show them how good of a job I can do, and hopefully her shoddy work and lack of professionalism will be more obvious in contrast to my great work and attitude, and I’ll get more responsibility and she will have less say in things, thereby having no ground to boss me around. Hey, it could happen.


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