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Quirks. 03/14/06

In keeping with the “name 5 quirky habits” journal trend, I figured I’d give it a go.

Then I realized, only five?!? I am Quirky Habits Central. It’d be harder to come up with five things I do normally. Heh.

But here’s a few of my quirks anyway.

1. Whenever walking or riding in a car through residential neighborhoods, I’m not looking where I’m going as much as I’m staring at front porches and yards and looking under cars hoping to see cats.

2. I will eat or drink just about anything. I like warm flat soda, vinegary wine, burnt meat, and expired cheese.

3. I hate water falling on my head so much, I would rather go around unbathed for a few days than take a shower if there is no bathtub available. I’m okay with diving under water, but if a wave comes up and the water crashes onto my head, Urghk.

4. I love being naked and will often start removing my clothes the minute I get home. Clothes and shoes are fun, but it’s a drag to have to wear them every damn day.

5. When bored I like to imagine that a previous version of myself (such as me at age 12, or the person I was in college) is suddenly inhabiting my current body, and I have to try and figure out where I am, what year it is, what’s appropriate to say and do, what I look like, and who all these people are around me. I call it the Quantum Leap Mindgame.


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