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Fruity sludge. 01/27/05

I think I'm done with the whole fruit juice smoothie thing. Too much fruit or too much milk-based stuff gives me gas anyway.

I visited the Jamba Juice website and apparently the good-sized "light" smoothie is 320 calories. And I figure: "Sure, it's healthy to get antioxidants and vitamin C, but for 320 calories I could have a large diet cherry coke, 5 slices of pastrami, a mozzarella string cheese and a big handful of blueberries -- and that's a lot more fun to eat instead of sitting around drinking this fruity sludge."

We're going to a show tonight! Keller Williams. I've never really listened closely to more than that one hit song of his. I guess I'll get the chance tonight. I kinda wanted to leave work early to take a nice long bath and then get ready for the show (there isn't much work here for me to do) but I'd have to ask my manager if I could leave and I haven't seen him around in hours. Oh, well. It's almost the weekend anyway, plenty of time off work then.

I went to the copy store and they printed out some lovely samples of my ad work for my portfolio. It was fairly cheap too so I'm going to save more of my ads onto zip disk today and have them printed tomorrow.

But right now I'm gonna go check the employment ads websites. Crossing my fingers...





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