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I wish I could go home and sleep. 01/28/05

I am sitting around at work, trying to find things to amuse myself with on the computer.

Sometimes when nobody else is in the immediate vicinity, I scoot my chair out into the center of my work area and spin around and around. Reminds me of spinning on the little plastic stools at McDonald's when I was a kid. I'd whirl around so much I'd be slightly nauseous and my little squished-flat hamburger with all the pickles, onions and mustard scraped off looked even less appetizing than usual.

Sometimes I spray my air freshener into the air and watch the droplets fall around me.

There's an inkstamp of a martini glass on my right wrist. It was a good show. He even played some Tom Petty tunes. I saved some of the green and blue confetti that fell through the air during the trippy undersea song, because I am both dorkily sentimental and a packrat.

Sometimes I look down at the toes of my shoes, which are decorated with sparkly cat faces, and pretend that the left shoe cat is talking to the right one.




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