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A Comfortable Existence. 09/17/04

I want to go to the Zoo again. Or maybe another zoo, like in Sacramento or San Diego. I want to stare at beautiful big cats and see odd looking critters doing their thing. We were there about 3 weekends ago, and I had such a great time. We saw a snow leopard spraying pee on a log while leaping about, a fishing cat crapping, and an ocelot hacking up a hairball. The fishing cats are amazing, like a combination of a river otter and a tabby cat. They were fishing around in a pond with their little webbed cat-paws and swimming. Always such a trip to see cats in water. The swimming tiger show at Marine World Africa USA, I loved that. I think maybe that park is closed down now, though.

Went to the gym last night after a break of about 2 weeks, which was after a break of over a month... suffice it to say that my endurance and muscle strength is not what it once was. Even 4 months ago, I think I was in better shape. Well, nothing to do but just keep at it, re-build, work my way up again.

We have a new couch. Since the couch is pretty much the center of the house, and the condition, comfiness and size of the couch are very important, and my Love and I spend maybe half of our free time on the couch -- reading, cuddling, eating, watching movies or TV – arrival of this new couch is an EVENT. It is not unlike the old, old, old, couch which we had pretty much used to death. Same color group, same basic shape, a bit smaller. The biggest difference is that it is in decent condition: not covered with mud and stains, fabric not ripped up, no big sagging pit in the middle to get stuck in. Happy good couch.

About the TV, though. It is ugly. It sits in the center of the room, cords trailing all over the carpet, totally taking away from the comfortable look of the place with its big clunky black plastic boxness. I wish we didn't even have a TV. I hate the noise of it, the randomness of flipping through channels and getting bits and pieces of shows assaulting my brain. Especially I hate hate hate commercials. I would be willing to give up watching the occasional interesting program, willing to give up watching videos at home, and I could so easily just get rid of the TV. Ah, well. I need to think up interesting inexpensive ways for Steve and I to spend our time together. Before the TV takes over even more of our life.

Hopeful about this weekend, though. Good chance of getting out, outside, maybe seeing friends at some point. We have good trance music now and I would love to spend at least part of an evening this weekend putting on CDs and turning it up LOUD and just dancing and dancing...



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