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Waiting for work again. 12/06/04

It is freezing cold in here. Nowhere near as decidedly Decemberish as it is outside, of course, but still. I am hiding in this warm tentlike shirt. It is oddly an attractive garment despite being 3 sizes too big and completely out of style (I'm pretty sure forest green hunter plaid velour was never high fashion anyway.) I have a t-shirt underneath, and black velvet pants, but am still freaking freezing. The heating and air-conditioning system in this office building has never worked right and I suppose if I complained about the temperature in here they'd just say they're doing the best they can with it already.

But that is not the worst thing about this job. What really bothers me and has me looking for employment elsewhere is the boss. She is mentally unstable, has a memory like a sieve, and is the most heartless, foul-tempered person I have ever had the misfortune to work for.

Apparently she's decided that she told us a week ago to have all the work done by the 13th on this particular project. I and the four other people involved had remembered her saying that things were due on the 20th. BIG difference. Right now she is on the phone with the manager, yelling at him about HIS inability to run this place. I hope we get this all straightened out soon. It would be nice to know as soon as possible if I'm expected to do 2 weeks worth of work during the next four days. Which would be okay if I were given the work to do before Friday, of course. But unlikely that anyone else will have their shit together before then. Heh.

I think I will try and send out some more resumés today.



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