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Brrr. 12/07/04

It is cold and raining. It has sunk into my brain that it is WINTER now. I miss fall, and oh, god, do I miss summer. Would give alot to be at that lovely private beach up the coast, basking in the sun and drinking wine right now.

I've dropped a dried apple-ring into my hot tea and partially re-hydrated it. What an odd texture. I have been attempting, yet again, to avoid food for the most part. I don't think this...chewy soggy apple sponge-thing should count as "food".

Last night I did manage to only have one helping of the sausage-cabbage stuff Steve fried up.

I found some diet pills. I've never had noticeable success with stuff like that, but the thought of increased metabolism and a bit of artificial-stimulant-induced "energy" was once again appealing. I think perhaps in the past they didn't help since I figured that I could eat normal amounts when taking the pills, and lose weight because they'd cause me to burn more calories than usual. But maybe, this time around, if I cut back considerably on food while taking the pills there will actually be a noticeable decrease in my body's fat-storage tendency. I took four pills yesterday and two this morning.

I've got these kick-ass boots on today. I don't wear them as often as I should, they're flattering. My stumpy wide feet actually look dainty and slim in these boots. They have a 3-inch heel on them that goes clomp-clack-stomp on the sidewalks and tile floors, I'm not used to wearing heels often at all so I feel awkward and noisy but tall and powerful.




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