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Musings. 12/08/04

I have just been complimented on the boots. Do most women receive compliments on their clothing, shoes, jewelry, hair, eyes, etc. on an almost-daily basis or am I unusual in that way?

Maybe it is one of the ways that people try to relate to each other and start conversations. But of course I like to think that I'm just so extraordinarily striking in appearance that men and women alike can't help but comment. So vain.

I have spent a week and a half now without much to do at work. I actually sort of miss working on projects... at this point it feels like my job is to sit around and drink tea while staring at the screen. Debating right now whether I want to go to the manager and ask him if he has anything for me to work on.

So far the only noticeable effect of the diet pills is that I'm peeing every half hour. Wheeee, caffeine. Well, it's the pills combined with the fact that I'm drinking cups and cups of all this hot tea in an effort to warm myself up. So fucking tired of being cold already, and winter's just begun. I can bundle up in sweaters and such but that does nothing for my cold little nose.

At the moment I'm trying not to draw attention to myself. Typing softly. A quiet presence tucked away in this little corner. Thinking unobtrusive ignore-me sorts of thoughts. (Yet while wearing a very eye-catching pair of boots. Hmmm.)



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