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Checking back in, after 2 years. 05/28/08

So now there is a laptop, and getting back to this journal is not as cumbersome as I thought it'd be, and I went in intending only to back up some of these writings and close the Diaryland account but here I am posting one last time.

I'm remembering how cathartic making those posts was for me, and reading my thoughts of years past is part painful and embarrassing but also I feel... pride. At having grown up more, having pulled myself out of the bad situations and anxious states-of-mind that are expressed in some of these entries. So there is indeed value in having posted in the first place, just to get it all out and hopefully feel a bit better or get my thoughts straighter, and value in re-reading this journal as if it's a trunkful of old letters to my future self.

I change so slowly I'm hardly aware of it until I stop and remember. I like who I've become all the more.

I think right now it's good to remember.

But a transfer to a more private storage place and perhaps a continuance of writings in an internet accessible way... considering that still.


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