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Social life. 04/22/05

Well, quite unlike it was only a few months ago, I have a very active social life. There's two parties, thrown by two very different groups of friends, that Steve and I have to choose between for this weekend.

Party A:
Afternoon barbecue, on Saturday. Lots of meat, small group of people I've known for 4-10 years. A bit of booze, sitting in front of TV watching movies and cartoons, or standing around out on deck by the barbecue listening to conversations. There will also be a few newer people there that I don't know very well, but am not sure I want to, because this is a geekier crowd. Buying the meat and Mike's hard lemonade, maybe some rum, that's all the expenses there'd be, and it's not that far away and will only last until Saturday night, probably around 11 p.m. It's a birthday party, so birthday girl will be the center of attention and might be a bit of a control freak at this party she's throwing for herself. Not that I haven't been the same way at my own parties in previous years, but just not sure if that's the environment I want to be part of this weekend. Steve and I would ordinarily be going to this barbecue party for certain, except that there's also

Party B:
All-weekend party. Drive down south Friday night, set up camp, hang out with friends, possibly dance to DJs spinning music. Crowd of people we are just beginning to be accepted as part of. Fascinating human subculture, these DJs and their buddies. Saturday during daylight, guys will shoot guns, I suppose I'd be standing around watching them? Dunno what else there would be to do during the day. At night, definite partying. But will be expensive: Fuel for driving down there and back, three days worth of food, booze, etc. Possibility of rain in that area, though. Which would either postpone the partying or downright cancel it. And make camping very uncomfortable. And putting up with the occasional mood swings and drama of this younger crowd is fine for a one night rave, but three days of dudes freaking out about stuff? Hmmm. But an adventure like this doesn't come around very often, maybe once a year. May be too good to pass up, even though it's expensive and perhaps stressful.

Steve may be leaning towards going to the barbecue, because it's less hassle to arrange stuff for and because he may not want to drive for hours tonight and camp outside when he's feeling kinda run-down from a head-cold/sinus infection thing. I am leaning towards going to the DJ party, because I love dancing -- but if it's for sure gonna rain down south, I'd rather go to the barbecue instead.



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