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Typing to warm up the fingers. 04/21/05

I'm too hot when I come in to work, after having walked 2 1/2 miles in the morning sunshine. I take off my long sweater. Hmmm, still too warm, receptionist must have the heat on. Take off my blouse, leaving me clad in a sundress. Walk around with my arms down at my sides to hide armpit fur. Go to bathroom to wipe greasy sweat off of face, notice that top of sundress is hanging below bra in back. Move arms to adjust dress straps, bra straps, back and front of the neckline of the dress... notice backfat under shoulders above bra, and large hole caused by safety pins in fabric of dress. Go back to workstation, put blouse back on, drink cold diet 7-up. Sweat more. Regret wearing pantyhose under dress, but, well, legs too stubbly to go bare.

I browse the internet. Office again strangely empty. Getting sleepy. Damn lack of caffeine in soda. Hands grow cold. Feet grow cold. Ass grows gold. Put sweater back on. Get up and do stretches, walk around office to get warm...




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