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Ordinary life. 04/25/05

Overall it was a good weekend. Went to the barbecue, the dance party having been postponed due to rainy weather and midterms.

I was a bit bored at times on Saturday, but there was enough booze and food and Shrek 2 (with Puss in Boots!) to keep me entertained for the most part. Kristin has started doing the Avon Lady thing, so I sorta invited myself to be part of the crowd of girls that sequestered themselves in the bedroom to play with makeup samples for a while. That was fun but odd – to drink a margarita and paint my face with different colors while trying to be “one of the girls.” Hoping that I don’t appear really drunk, or am acting too childish, or smell funny, or am coming across as snooty or obnoxious. I never know.

Spent Sunday shopping at the mall, and Steve bought a new pair of shoes. It is amazing to me how much harder it is to find a decent pair of guy’s shoes for anything under $60. I mean, I could go to any of the department stores or shoe shops in the mall and get designer leather sandals or a decent pair of boots on sale for $30, easily. But I rarely do, cause that seems so pricey when I could go to the thrift stores and get 3 pairs for $20. But he has hardly any variety to choose from, can never find any shoes used, and the new ones cost twice as much as mine do. So when he paid $50 for a pair of work boots that will probably wear out in 6 months, I thought, “Ouch! That’s a meal out at a restaurant. That’s a brand new outfit from Hot Topic. That’s three rounds of drinks at the comedy club.” But there is something very satisfying about seeing him enjoy shopping and buy something new that he is excited about, Steve being happy for even just one afternoon is worth far more to me than $50.

We rented the movie “Soldier” and watched it Sunday night. A good “bad movie” (like Robin Hood or Cutthroat Island or Beverly Hills Cop) with an interesting premise, dorky and cheesy in parts but enjoyable with fun action scenes. I made dinner, for once. A fairly simple meal, just throwing stuff together and heating it up, really. I was in the mood for pasta (having consumed more than a fair amount of barbecued meat in the past few weeks, and needing something completely different) so I fried up some of those little salad-size shrimp in margarine and garlic. Added 2 jars of Portabella mushroom alfredo sauce and some spices. Served it over wide egg noodles, and broiled some sourdough French bread with garlic butter and herbs. Simple on-a-tight-budget and hardly-from-scratch fare. And since I forced myself to only eat one serving, there’s plenty left over for another meal during the week. Today, however, I’m fasting.



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