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The dance party scene. 04/20/04

Steve and I have discovered a new group of people. Not exactly a new group of friends, yet; at this point they are just acquaintances. They don't seem to mind us coming to their parties, because Karl is bringing us there and they know him really well.

So we are sort of outsiders, who might someday be actually part of, this group of crazy fun people. But I am not sure yet exactly what we are getting into, and whether or not these are the sort of humans I'd enjoy being around more than once in a great while.

These parties are like nothing I've ever encountered before: hosted by DJs who spin records of techno/dance/electronic/rave music, guys who are very serious about the art of mixing and very competitive among each other. They and their girlfriends are for the most part 5-10 years younger than me and my Love. There is so much drama in this younger, wilder crowd. Exasperating at times. Some of the guys are obviously trying to act tough and cool, some of the girls have a bit of that "high-school in-crowd" mentality.

And then there's the drugs. Almost everybody at these all-night dance-centered parties is on some sort of high. I have no interest in doing the highly addictive straight stimulants that are popular among them, and I'm trying to be okay with being around others who are into that sort of thing, and I want to not be judgemental or prudish about it. But the excesses some of them go to, well, it's scary to be around. I like the very occasional experience with acid, mushrooms or ecstasy, but am sometimes concerned that I will enjoy the high too much and crave it and indulge too often. I am hoping that Steve and I can continue to go to these parties, and have as much fun as the other partygoers, without getting involved in anything addictive.

Part of me just hopes that these new people like me. I want to be welcome, not just tolerated. Because they are the ones who create this wonderful environment -- of amazing music, hours of energetic dancing, mixed with unique individuals to get to know and interesting conversations to listen to. Is it intriguing mostly because it is so new and different? Because this crowd is unlike most of the people I've been hanging out with for years?

To have crazy fun experiences like this past weekend's party only as a rare occurrence might be a good thing. Like a 3-4 times a year thing. Especially since recovering from it all -- the lack of sleep, the achy bone-weariness worse than a hangover -- isn't really worth it on any regular basis. And it's expensive, and the parties are held in another city that it could be hard to get transportation to sometimes.

My mind is full of trance rhythms. I keep wondering when I'll get the chance to party from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. again. Then I wonder if I really want to repeat the experience anyway... Hmmm.



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