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A new leopard template. 04/26/04

The template layout I'd had for a while was a unique and fun design, but even when I first found it and started using it for my journal it didn't work that well. For instance, I could only read through my entries from most recent to older, never forwards. The link never worked for the older entries page, and a few months ago the green cat image completely disappeared, seems Village Photos deleted the account where I had it stored. The website that I found the layout design at does not seem to be around anymore either. So I'm starting from scratch and designing my own. During the past week I've been figuring out enough html to get the basic layout up. Learned how to properly size and position images and text, found a new image-storage provider and a cool new leopard photo, and discovered a very useful color chart. I have got my design looking pretty much the way I want, for now. I'd like to learn more fancy stuff and maybe I'll change the image and the heading quote now and then. I have a lot of great pictures. So now the question is, should I try and learn any more web-design-related skills at this point? Do I let my employers know that I've learned some basic html? It would increase my value as an employee, I think. But they might give me additional responsibilities such as updating the weekly classified ad website, and I'd rather not get into that, at least not until I have more time on my hands.



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