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Burrrghhhpppptttthuuurgh. 07/09/06

I have this weird heartburn sorta thing going on. Like my innards are overheated and burbling around, it’s concentrated right in the middle of my ribcage and occasionally I belch up this hot air which tastes like cayenne pepper, triple sec and charcoal.

Not painful exactly but uncomfortable and unusual for me to get heartburn at all. Steve gets that way all the time, simply eating bread can give him heartburn and drinking water makes it worse. I guess I’m lucky.

And if this is the worst that happens the morning after I drink a pitcher of apple cider, a margarita, a rum & diet coke and have eaten 3 fried burritos for lunch and then along with the drinks I'd consumed 6 red pepper/blue cheese poppers dipped in garlic salsa and some jalapeno/guacamole/sour cream/black bean nachos and a slice of key lime pie, then bring it on.



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