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Beer and Darts. 08/13/04

Today two of our good friends are getting married. There will be a celebration dinner that both Steve and I will most likely get off work too late to attend. But we'll be able to make it to the Beer and Darts get-together afterwards, held at the only bar that they ever go to. I am not much of a beer drinker but at least it will be Guinness. I don't much play darts either, preferring to watch others play. I have a hard time paying attention to the rules of the game and to whose turn it is. Especially after a few pints. But the couple that is getting married will be all happy and smiley so it will be a good atmosphere, I'm hoping that a lot of other friends I don't see too often will attend the gathering, but not too many people, so there will still be a place for me to sit.

I hate standing around in a crowded bar holding my drink and watching other people who are mostly acquaintances-not-friends talking about boring things and throwing darts. Unless, of course, I am rather drunk, in which case I can stand around in high heels for hours, I smile at everyone in the world and find conversations about soccer to be fascinating.

Today is also the birthday of the little old lady at work. She comes in every afternoon with the Schnauzer dog, and does billing and accounting stuff. She's the owner/editor's mother. A really nice, thoughtful, generous, old-fashioned-courtesy, sweet old lady, I wonder how she could ever have a daughter like Jabba the Hutt. We had carrot cake and gave her a birthday card with pop-up jungle animals on it that actually startled her when she first opened it, but now she is sitting in her office opening it and closing it over and over.




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