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The Great Job Hunt resumed once more. 07/14/04

I have applied for two jobs online today. One for graphics production (Quark-using job) at a nutritional supply company. One for digital imaging (Photoshop-using job) with a professional photographer.

I have been working at this current position for less than a year. I still think of it, from time to time, as my ‘new’ job. Why do I need to find something different? Three main things:

1 — Jabba the Hutt is my boss here.

2 — I started out at what I thought was a “trial wage,” to be increased significantly once they realized I was a good fit for the job position. But when I got the promised “raise”, it was only 50 cents. That’s not a raise. That’s a slap in the face. They won't even consider paying me more until September. And considering that I’m on salary instead of hourly, I don’t even get paid for coming in on...

3 — Sundays. The 48 hours a week, giving up a good chunk of my precious Weekend, is killing me. It started out with me thinking that the weekend hours were because they needed to train me as quickly as possible to do the job here. Then the weekend work was supposed to be “once in a great while, when we are running behind or in emergency situations.” And all the time Jabba has been saying, “We’re going to hire someone else to do layout work over the weekend so you don’t have to come in.” Well. Almost a year later, they’re always running behind, no hope of that changing, and I’m still working almost every Sunday.

This just isn’t the job for me. I still do enjoy the work itself, being a designer, and it’s great to have other fun, pleasant people around the office. This does not suck nearly as much as the “old” job, the one that I was stuck in for 8 years. But I need to do something similar, somewhere else. I need a REAL salary, and 40 hrs a week or less. That may not be asking too much. I might even be able to cope with another psychotic immature tantrum-throwing boss, but I’m hoping that most companies are run by better people and the odds of ending up with another Hutt are slim…?



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