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Thursday watch the walls instead. 05/05/05

My horoscope: “The old way may not be working any longer. Go ahead and try out new methods. You may be astonished at the wonderful results you'll get. If you're feeling under the weather, try and get some more sleep.”

Does anybody not realize how deliberately general, and up-for-any interpretation-you-wish these horoscope things are?

The old way of trying to lose weight, maybe? The old way of looking for a job?

Oh, but sleep, gods yes. I can’t seem to get enough of it lately. Monday morning, urgh. Indeed all of Monday was quite a trial to get through. Lots of sleep that night, plenty of Advil, and Tuesday wasn’t so bad but we went to bed early again. Yesterday (Wednesday) night was a roller-hockey game, and I felt normal finally. Their team won a game, for once. I was beginning to think the presence of Steve and me in the spectators’ section was some kind of curse. Tonight we go out with another group of friends, a choice between beer and darts at the pub or dancing to “80’s night” music at the (mostly)gay club. Potential for either great fun or boredom, with whichever situation I end up in.

I think I’ll wear my red shoes.




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