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The day after Halloween. 11/01/04

The day after Halloween.

Candy wrappers blow down the sidewalk, mixing in with the falling leaves.

An empty egg carton tossed on someone’s lawn, a smashed jack-o-lantern in the street. Purple plastic vampire teeth left on the bench at the bus stop.

The memory of Saturday night, spent with my Love, dancing to techno music among crowds of other partiers, I am dressed in black wearing cat ears and furry tail. The memory of Sunday night, spent parading up and down the main drag downtown, among crowds yet again, standing out in our Napoleonic-era costumes.

The parties are now over, and all the seemingly endless sewing, the lovely black cat decorations are taken down to be replaced soon by Christmas gaudiness.  The candy remains. It is everywhere – sitting in bowls on counters in every office, sold for 50% off in all the stores. I am beset continually by mini Snickers bars.

The crisp windy weather, the spooky thin clouds over the pale yellow moon remain. I walk home in the dark now, and feel November all around me.

Up next, the election. Not really a holiday. An opportunity, maybe? I vote, not sure why. Never felt my vote could do much good, and I am never informed enough to make a wise decision. That’s the problem, right there. All the foolish, media-brainwashed Americans get to make what could be important decisions. I would never willingly let anything important to me be left in the hands of the ignorant masses, but that’s what democracy is supposed to be. Scary.



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