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Sailing! 02/17/05

We went out to the boat Friday, christened it with champagne and had a nice night, very romantic. Sunday we went sailing for the first time, which didn't go nearly as well. Steve really does seem to know what he's doing as far as sailing, and his enthusiasm is contagious. We didn't capsize, nothing broke, and nobody fell overboard -- so in that respect it was a success. But I was nauseous beyond all reason for nearly the entire (short, aborted) voyage and I puked over the side of the boat at least four times. The thrill of learning to sail and the unique view of the coast from offshore were not enough to keep me from being truly miserable. I really need to get some Dramamine and find out whatever else I can do to prevent seasickness ASAP because he wants to take the boat out again as soon as it stops raining.




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