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Salary Review. 09/03/04

I've been told that I will have a salary review this morning. I suppose a natural reaction would be to feel a bit apprehensive, after all, this could be a special occasion designed by my boss for her to yell at me and hurl accusations and insults and express her contempt for my low level of skill or understanding or something. Yet oddly enough I'm just apathetic. Because any day of the week, at any moment, she could unreasonably explode at me anyway.

I wonder if I should bring up the fact that I do not even wish to be a salaried employee at all. Since I'm working overtime most every week, I'd sure like to get paid for it. Do I dare mention that I'm dissatisfied with my job in any way? I never know what will set her off. At least I'll once again express my loathing for having to work on Sundays. Perhaps I could work it in somewhere how poor I am, that I can't even afford to have a computer or a car that runs. Would Jabba the Hutt have sympathy for other living creatures in any way? Dunno. But worth a shot.



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