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Where has my Gunne Sax dress gotten to? 03/12/05

I've realized that I don't need to buy anything new for my wardrobe this Spring. I’ll just dig out everything I still own that was made circa 1983, and be totally set. Who knew that wedge-heel sandals would come back in style, or halter-tops, or French cut t-shirts with plastic iron-on decals?

Dukes of Hazzard. I remember how much I loved the show when I was 9 years old. Mostly the car chases, but also how I used to wish that I'd look kinda like Daisy Duke when I grew up. The feminine tops and leg-baring shorts, her soft-curled hair. Her look 25 years ago is so similar to the models and actresses who are on magazine covers now. I am going to try and curl my hair like that more often. If only we never even had that embarrassing era of kinky perms and poodle bangs, I could never break down and turn my hair into that, even if every other girl I knew in the late '80s and early '90s was getting their hair spiral-permed. But now I can step out in my calico sundress and chunky-heel sandals and sexy wavy hair and wet-shiny lip gloss and actually be in style for once.



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