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Habits. 03/14/05

I’m simultaneously attempting to improve my life in several ways at once. Which of course is not wise, but when I have any sort of drive or motivation or overwhelming longing for change, I tend to jump into lots of projects and goals all over the place.

So. I’ve decided to try and drink much more water, less caffeine. Yesterday I bought only a can of Diet Coke, instead of the usual 24-44 oz. of the stuff I consume in a typical day. I didn’t have any coffee. I drank 5 mugfuls of water. My boss did buy me a Lost World energy drink (because he offered, and I have a hard time passing up any sort of FREE food or drink) but I spilled most of it on my book, and the desk and floor of my work area. I made a pitcher of sugar-free Koolaid to drink after work and during dinner. I peed all day.

Today I’m aiming for only that one cup of coffee to start me off, Diet 7-up to drink throughout the morning, then just lots of water or maybe a cup of hot tea now and then. Cutting back on cola and coffee might help my teeth be less yellowish anyway. Now I just hafta get past the caffeine withdrawal and keep from falling asleep on my keyboard…

Another current project is to try something different with my eating habits. What, exactly, I’m not yet sure. I tried eating as little as possible during the day, and eating a small amount of whatever was for dinner at night. Once in a while, over this experiment of about 2 months, I managed to eat less than 500 calories a day or so, and I guess from that occasional starvation-level lack of nourishment I lost a grand total of 6 pounds. All the agony of not eating lunch, of not having seconds at dinner, of not buying doughnuts and candy bars and chips here and there… it’s been such utter torture. I thought, for that amount of suffering, surely there’d be more of a return?!?




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