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Purple. 05/19/04

I am trying to be unobtrusive today. Sitting here quietly at work, not bringing any attention to myself. If someone actually were to come up to me and look at me directly, they would probably say, “Why is the top half of your hair dyed purple?” and I am hoping to avoid that.

I am pissed.

The dark muddy brown roots of my hair had grown out about ¾ inch, and I wanted to turn them a pale golden reddish brown to match the rest of my hair, as I do every 4 weeks or so. This time I decided to try a new brand of color. Labeled “Auburn Dream” and stating on the box that it included “enough colorant even for longer hair,” it seemed a better deal than buying the usual 2 boxes of the brand I have liked for many years. But I ran out of dye even before completely covering the roots in the gloppy stuff, and I tried frantically to comb some of it through onto the rest of my hair to hopefully achieve an even color, but it most definitely did NOT work. Once it was all washed out and dry, my roots are BLACK, then on most of my head it’s PURPLE, then the remaining lower half of my hair (about 14 inches) is still pale brown (with occasional purplish blotches.)

I have walked over to the drugstore during my lunch hour and purchased 2 boxes of a dye that claims on the box to turn even the darkest hair a bright Strawberry Blonde. This had better work.

I get a four day weekend, starting tomorrow! This is to make up for (at least somewhat) having to come in to work for 3 Sundays in a row. After attempting to fix my hair, I am going to go shopping at the mall. I often wander through there, killing time while waiting for the bus. Sometimes I spend my lunch hour window-shopping there when I am not in the mood to get something to eat. I don’t buy much. Maybe a soda, a bottle of nail polish, or a pair of stockings. But this season the sort of clothing I have been wearing for years – little pleated skirts, ultra-feminine fitted tops with embroidery or laces, rounded-toe shoes, etc. – it’s displayed in the windows of all the trendy stores and it is getting very hard not to go in and try on all of it and come home with tons of new outfits (which would be ridiculous since I own so much clothing already that there’s not enough room to fit even half of it in the closet.) So… ONE skirt. That is all I will buy tomorrow. I will maybe get a big pretzel and a cherry lemonade while I’m there, and come home having only spent about $25.

After shopping I might walk down to the beach, sit on a rock and read, and watch the birds and the surfers. Haven’t done that in a while.




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