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Otter cam. 05/18/04

A great site to visit is the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Otter cam” and “Shark cam” at  -- I can watch the otters at the aquarium playing, or hammerhead sharks swimming on my screen. At 3:30 today they were feeding the otters and it made me so happy see them rolling about in the water and nibbling fish. Too bad the webcam screen is so little and blurry, I have to put my face practically six inches from the screen to see what’s going on. There are also other cams such as the penguin cam and an outer bay cam, in which the big sea turtle swims by once in a while.

Today I am sorting through all the e-mail, snail mail, press releases and CDs I’ve gotten here at work, and I’m reading all the stuff I haven’t gotten a chance to during the past 2 weeks. The latest batch of CDs is mildly disappointing, every time I put in a CD that the accompanying press releases are raving about, I’m hoping to hear the next Kate Bush or Stevie Nicks or Dave Matthews or Tom Petty. But nobody stands out much in the pile of CDs featuring “Remarkable young contemporary folk/pop/jazz/bluegrass/Americana artists.”

I want a slurpee. And a gold ring with a peridot in it, and a blue plaid miniskirt.

We cleaned the house in a major way on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All in preparation of the landlady’s visit on Sunday afternoon. So of course she didn’t even step inside the house, just spoke to us while we all stood around in the driveway. There is a new tenant moving into the studio/converted garage behind the main house that Steve and I live in. She has no dogs or cats or kids or cars, all of which is a good thing.  The last tenant was only here for 3 months, I barely even saw a glimpse of her until the first time I was actually face to face with her this weekend, standing in the driveway and meeting the new tenant. She had indoor cats, I never even knew they were living in her place, right behind my house, until I was watering the plants in front of her window a few weekends ago and saw a big Siameasle cat. Like a cross between a dark grey shorthair and a sealpoint Siamese. And the next day there was a little calico-and-white kitty starting at me from behind the glass as well. I like having quiet neighbors, and having very little to do with them, really. But I kind of wish I had gotten to know the cats.

Today I had a gyro sandwich for lunch. Spiced lamb meat, cubes of tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce, creamy sauce, red-pepper spice – all inside a pita pocket. Very very tasty. I usually pick out the cucumber bits and add the “house hot sauce” which is an odd blend of spices, Middle-Eastern style, very different from the sauce at a Mexican or Chinese food place. Also excellent for dipping french fries in. During the last year or so my interest in and tolerance for hot-spicy things has gone up considerably. I wonder why.

I am sleepy. Want to lie in the sun and read and have my back rubbed until I pass out.



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