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The taste of things. 05/07/04

I think that if anyone asked me what my favorite food is, I would have to say, "roasted meat." Preferably dark, gamey tasting meat like duck or goat. Though the roast beef inside a chimichanga or the pot roast Steve or his mother will cook sometimes is divine also.

Although I think of myself as more carnivorous than most humans, I am actually a true omnivore. Put it on a plate in front of me, I'll eat it. Protein, vegetation, starchy carbs, rich desserts, it's all at least worth trying. I could probably list about 200 "favorite foods."

I have read that some people have millions of taste buds on their tongues, others have only thousands. I think I am in the latter category. I'm not the person you want to taste the almost-expired milk in the carton to see if it's still good. I would make a poor authority on wine, even if I were to thoroughly explore the subtleties of wine tasting, since it's all at least palatable to me and I sometimes can't tell a $5 merlot from a $60 cabernet. My taste buds are so easily amused.



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