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It is so very morning in here. 04/29/04

I feel powerful today.

Walking to work, heading out purposefully, keeping a smooth pace. Uphill, downhill, with long strides in a steady rhythm. Never short of breath, legs strong and full of energy. I felt like I was marching. I don't want to just sit here now in front of the computer and sort press releases about church rummage sales and school plays. I want to conquer the world.

I have lots of snot today.

Feels like I could be coming down with a cold. Drinking this chamomile-lemongrass tea that, well, tastes like ass. Trying to figure out how to blow about a quart of snot into this little kleenex and not get any of it on my face or mess up my lipstick. Such amazingly mundane matters my day has so far consisted of.



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