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High Heels. 08/04/04

I am going to start wearing high heels again, on a regular basis.

I read in some women's magazine that this is the way to do it: First you start out with wearing shoes with a one-inch heel every day. Then you start wearing a two-inch heel about twice a week, avoiding walking too far in them at first or standing for too long. Then you start to wear the two-inch heel most days, as your foot gradually gets used to being bent at an angle and the body gets used to a slight shift in posture. When you start wearing shoes with three-inch heels a couple times a week, the foot muscles become stronger and used to holding that shape, so it is soon possible to wear heels as easily as you once wore flats.

When I was in college, and for the summer before that and the year after that when I was going to job interviews and then working as a salesgirl... about 1990 to '93. I walked everywhere, and in high heels most of the time. I was wearing skirts almost every day, only owned two pairs of pants that fit. But after taking factory-type jobs where I was required to wear jeans and sturdy shoes and be on my feet all day, I stuck all the lovely high-heeled sandals and pumps in the closet. Before moving out here in '95 I sold most of them at yard sales or donated them to Goodwill.

Nowadays I miss them. Oh, the 40s style black-patent peek-a-boo toe 4-inch spike pumps! Those white sandals that went with everything and were actually comfortable! Ah, well.

I've bought a few pairs since, for special occasions like weddings or on a whim. But they have just been sitting on the bottom of the closet mostly, because I worked at the damned photo lab and had to be standing up half the day surrounded by machinery and any dressy sort of clothing or shoes felt inappropriate. But now that I work in an office all day I can wear short skirts and even heels sometimes and not feel ridiculous.

And I am also going to try and find more places to go to dressed up all classy... I wonder how to find or create more elegant occasions in my life.

And my Love is very fond of the way my legs look in high heels, which is enough of a reason by itself to resurrect an old good habit.



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