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Zooma Zooma. 06/03/04

This afternoon I bought a pen that writes with a lovely dark green ink, my favorite color. Something so seemingly insignificant can make the day brighter; as I look down at the notes and lists I make throughout the workday and see my words written in my favorite color it's oddly satisfying.

My head is full of music today. Woke up this morning, and had the Sopranos theme song stuck in my head. On my way into the office, the nursery rhyme "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush" took over my brain, but the lyrics were: "This is the way we walk to work, walk to work, walk to work. This is the way we walk to work, so ear-lye in the mor-ning." During lunch hour I went shopping, and entered the store going In Through the Out Door, since then my head is full of Led Zeppelin guitar chords. (Interrupted occasionally by Elvis Costello's "The Angels Want to Wear my Red Shoes").

I love my red shoes and my green pen.

I need to get a stereo installed in the car again, and also I need to bring some good CDs in to work. Most of all I miss the music on our computer at home. All those sweet playlists I had... Soon, soon we will get a new hard drive and I can get my music back.

It is so good to have the car running again. Yesterday I drove to work for the first time in maybe 6 weeks. Zooma Zooma! I am there in 8 minutes instead of 20 (by bus) or 45 (walking). But on the days when Steve drives the car to his work instead, I do not really mind relying on my own two feet to get around. A balance between driving and walking is ideal. Too much walking, I wear out my feet. Too much driving, I don't get much exercise.

But we are going back to the gym now, since we have the car to take us there again. There are some new machines to try out. They got rid of the butt-working machine, I do not know if I will really miss it or not. I want to get new gym shoes with Pumas on them. The workout we had two days ago was the first in about a month; I can still feel how much I worked my shoulders and biceps. But it is a good sort of mild ache, a promise of a better physique in the near future.




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