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You won't bring me down. 02/28/05

Lousy day at work. The owner/editor is back in town and has just talked at me about all the stuff I apparently did in ways that she doesn't approve of.

She has imposed further restrictions on the creativity I am to be allowed with use of color in the paper. "It's a typographical industry standard to never use color type smaller that 14 point size," she says. Ha! Yeah, right! Who here has been a graphic designer for 12 years?!? Who here has taken courses in typography, and has a DEGREE in graphic design?!? Me! NOT YOU!! “Industry standard,” my ass. I've worked under design professionals who would laugh in your face at such an idea. Fuck off, you ignorant know-it-all power-tripping biotch.

And she has given me pointless little side projects to work on which she will want done ASAP, putting my actual workload on the back burner. She is amazingly inefficient and has no ability to prioritize tasks, but she's the one deciding not only what she will spend her day doing (eating Girl Scout cookies and calling people in to her office to bitch at them, apparently) but she dictates at her whim what everybody else's daily work should be. I get so much more done when she's out of the country.

But I started out this day in a great mood, and I WILL NOT let her get me down. I am happy, because we have a car again! Totally out of the blue, Bear who is moving out of state gave Steve his old car in gratitude for his help with the move. It's a '93 Mazda four door little thingie, reminds me of my long-dead Toyota. 202,000 miles on it, yikes, but still running fairly well. I can go to job interviews now! I don't have to ride the bus with the tards on it to work when it rains! I can drive drive drive. I took it to work this morning, even though the weather was nice... and during lunch break I sat in it and read my book, enjoying sunshine and privacy.




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