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Last day! 07/05/05

This is my last day on the job. Gathering up my stuff from the production area (coffee mug, notebooks, lipgloss, air freshener, teabags, green pen, CDs, dried leaf collection, cat and bird photos, plastic lobster...) and thinking over and over: "This is the very last time I'll be doing this task" as I finish up a few things that nobody else around here knows how to do. They think they'll be able to hire somebody else soon who will have all the skills and knowledge I do, and that this person will work for $11 an hour. Ha!

I take my hard-won skills and patience, my competence at meeting deadlines and working under pressure, my artistic vision and talent to a company that isn't run by an incompetent deranged dictator.

Never again will I sit here trying to make 1500 words fit on one page within the restrictions of not being allowed to change the leading or tracking while hearing her screaming at the manager in her office 8 feet away: "You are so stupid!!! How could you do this, are you a fucking idiot?" and hear him reply, head hung low, "I thought you told me to do it that way last week, but I guess I was wrong..."

The poor sad manager guy here has just handed me my last paycheck and I asked whether I'd get another check for unused vacation time, paid out. He says it's not company policy to pay out on vacation hours.
Cheap bastards.




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