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Up on the rooftop. 03/31/04

I have made an important discovery. Today I explored the third floor of the office building in which I work. My workplace is on the second floor, and I have always enjoyed standing on the balcony at the back of the office and looking out over the streets, businesses, trees and houses of this busy little part of town. But when out on the balcony of our office it's not that different from actually being in the office, in terms of privacy at least. I am in clear view of everyone inside, and even less desirable, I can see and hear them. So I have been in the habit of leaving the building entirely and heading out somewhere else to get lunch, and if not peace and quiet, at least a change of environment for an hour.

But I'd never been up to the third floor before today, and I discovered that the view is much better from up there. And there's practically NO people coming and going on the third level. A few deserted offices and small businesses, so quiet and peaceful. There's an empty patio-type area, it's pretty much the roof of the building, open to the sky, though there are a few taller bits of the structure that stick up and obscure the view from a few places. Today I sat in the sun and ate my lunch, and read my book, totally alone.

Privacy. Priceless. One of the things I have been so longing for lately. Finally I have found a spot to spend my lunch hour at and not be bothered by anybody.

Steve, when he had come by the office to pick me up from work and was waiting for me to be ready to go, had explored the third floor of this building months ago. He mentioned then that I could go up there for lunchtime, maybe even take a chair up there to relax in. I wonder why it has taken me so long to investigate this opportunity. Has my natural catlike curiosity lessened recently?

I have been realizing that I singlemindedly head towards the nearest fast-food restaurant during most of my lunch breaks. This has got to stop. The part of my brain that is concerned about being healthy and staying slim, is obviously NOT the part of my brain that is in control of my feet as I head out of the office towards the Burger King.

But now I have a place other than the dangerously nearby shopping mall or the fattening fast-food places to spend my lunch hour. As long as the weather is the lovely basking warmth of early Summer, I can hang out on the roof.



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