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Reality.  03/28/05

Let's run away together.

To some beautiful little town on the coast, where the weather is sunny most of the year. We can get a neat little house, for just the two of us, with skylights and roses and an herb garden, with two cats in the yard, and it should be close to the ocean. We can walk down to the beach in the evenings and gaze at the stars and the moonlight on the waves.

We don't even have to ever get married, we'll just live together and be happy in love for years and years. We can meet other cool people and have lots of friends and we'll all go on adventures.

We can get a beautiful little boat and sail towards the sunset. We can go out for romantic dinners and fine wine. We can go exploring and wander through fields and forests. Or we can just stay in and run around the house naked all day.

Let's run away together, just you and me forever and ever.




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