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Wise words, rediscovered

“Can’t be passive and be in charge.

Can’t expect to be given control unless demonstrating obvious ability to control.

Have people on “both sides” trust and communicate with you on any project/issue.

Court decision makers.”

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I was looking through advertising ideas I’d stowed in a folder over the past 3 years and found a post-it note with these few sentences scribbled on it. (I don’t know how this got stored with unrelated content such as sketches of layout ideas and pages torn from magazines that feature cool photoshop effects.)

Google searches have not yet led me to correct attribution for these phrases. I’ve read so many articles on marketing, communication, personality conflicts, leadership, business relationships, etc. that this could have come from a variety of sources. If I find the original, I’ll post a link to it here.

It’s serendipitous to find and thoughtfully consider these statements at a time when I crave focus and clarification of what I’m really aiming for at the dayjob, my career, how I want to relate to others, and what I want to build a reputation for. I can immediately apply these philosophies to help navigate office politics, while keeping my own values and goals in mind, at the old 8 to 5.

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